One thing you didn’t know about macOS Sierra

With the new all-singing-all-dancing macOS Sierra update due for release in the Autumn of 2016 our Apple Certified Mac Technicians wanted to know more…

  • Could any new features affect the clients of MacBook Pro Repair London?
  • Would we need to warn our customers of any potential issues?

Our brief investigation into the new OS quickly pulled up what we think might cause a problem. We looked deeper than the most talked about and popular new additions such as Siri, Apple Pay and Messages. We focused on the security aspect of the system.


The increase in security of the new OS is a good thing, make no mistake. Our concern is one where a lot of Mac users run applications they may not have downloaded directly from the App store. We’re not necessarily looking unlicensed software just this apps which haven’t been fully or directly licensed and especially Open Source.

This app protection technology is known as Gatekeeper under macOS. Check the “Allow apps downloaded from” option under Apple menu/System Preferences/Security & Privacy.

We’ll bring additional information to you as we continue testing the new OS 

if you have a problem with Mac OSX and need advice or assistance simply contact our technicians and we’ll gladly help you