MacBook Pro Repair London

At MacBook Pro Repair London we focus on the repair of the premium range of Apple Mac laptops, the MacBook Pro. Our technicians are certified by Apple and have more than 25 years experience in Apple repairs and Mac support. Become one of our customers and feel safe knowing you can receive the very best service and support of MacBook Pro.


MacBook Pro Repair London:



Here are a few of the services we can help you with:

Replacement Hard Drive and SSD upgrade

Hard Drive repair and replacements are our bread and butter. These days most MacBook Pro users prefer to opt for a Solid State Drive.  Our technicians advise that with prolongued usage data can fragment and a hard drive can fail. We have the expertise to resolve hard drive and SSD issues in London. Our techniciaons know how to bring a drive back to life or upgrade and transfer your data to a new drive.

LCD screen replacement.

MacBook Pro screen’s are prone to severe damage if dropped or compressed.  They’re highly likely to crack, shatter or smash.We offer an LCD, LED and Retina screen replacement service in London. We can remove the faulty display and replace with a new part and have your Apple Mac up and running again in no time.

MacBook Pro Repair Services

Keyboard repair and replacement.

At MacBook Pro Repair London we can replace your failed, broken or damaged MacBook Pro keyboard. Our fast and reliable service caters for the 13inch MacBook Pro, 15inch MacBook Pro and the older 17inch MacBook Pro.

Trackpad repair and replacement.

Get your trackpad replaced at MacBook Pro Repair London. Trackpad failures are frustrating we know. This is why our trusted techies are here to help by replacing your MacBook Pro’s trackpad when something goes wrong.

MacBook Pro RepairWe aim to provide the best possible MacBook Pro Repair Service in London.

• MacBook Pro RAM Memory Replacement and Upgrade
• MacBook Pro LCD Screen Replacement
• MacBook Pro Battery Replacement
• MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair and Replacement
• MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrade
• MacBook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad Replacement
• MacBook Pro MagSafe / DC-in Board Replacement
• Mac OSX Troubleshooting and OS Updates